Located in Jersey City Heights, Angel Azul Bakery has been serving its community with heavenly Ecuadorian and Colombian flavors since 1998.  This restaurant specializes in Latin American & South American pastries and foods.

We offer freshly made goods from our own bakery such as breads, pastries, and empanadas along with a variety of menu and snack selections.  There are also plenty of hot coffee blends and fresh juices to complement any meal or tasty snack.

Try our Colombian breakfast with scrambled eggs, cheese, tomatoes and onions with an arepa (a corn tortilla).  Or perhaps you can have the Ecuadorian breakfast which is plantains, eggs and coffee.  Or, try our farm fresh eggs prepared to your liking along with steak, ham, bacon or special Colombian sausage.

We are also working on a healthy menu which will include a vegetarian option.

Our bakery recently celebrated twenty years in business!

Our story:

Angel Azul Bakery is filled with angel statues and we include an angel in our logo.  The Name ‘Angel Azul’ was chosen by our Mother Zoily and it is reflective of the archangel Michael and the blue angel light ray.

The parents got married when they were  quite young.  Mom (Zoily) was sixteen and Dad was 27 years old.

Zoily says, “When we left Ecuador we left everything behind, we had a big house and the children went to private school …  [Here] we now lived in a one room studio apartment and the children went to public school.

My Brother-in-law was an American citizen and he sponsored us and put all the paperwork in.

My husband [and I] worked very hard … I thank God that we’ve been able to fulfill the American dream.”


Eddy Gallo (son) came to America in 1990 from Ecuador.  He explains, “When I first arrived, Jersey City Heights was mostly Italian Americans and Central Avenue was different than it is today.

My family and the connection to our community is what’s important to me.  The community is becoming more diverse with new people coming from other parts of NYC, Hoboken and Jersey City.  We also notice this in our Catholic Church, Saint Anne’s, on JFK Blvd.”

He continues, “We love going to the St Anne’s festival to see friends and meet new people.  We also have many folks that use AirBnB in the Heights.  We love when they come into our restaurant for breakfast and then take the 119 transit bus into NYC.  Knowing we played a part in starting their day … it’s a very good feeling.”

Eddy is an IT professional and he helps with the family business. Along with his wife, he still lives in the Heights.


Jenny Carter (daughter) worked for Gucci for six years and then … she continues, “In 2005 my father passed away and I left my job to come help my mother. She was the only one here at the business at that time. I worked from six o’clock in the morning with my mom.  All day long I served customers and worked at the [cash] register as well.”

There is a close bond that keeps this family together along with a dedication to great tasting food and outstanding service at the Angel Azul Bakery.

We work all the time with our customers and together we are able to create beautiful and amazing things that surely brings positive results and complete satisfaction.