Our Family has been serving Jersey City Heights Since 1998

We create amazing food with love from our family to yours!


Try our Ecuadorian and Colombian breakfasts .


Fresh Ecuadorian and Colombian bread baked daily


Empanada, Chicharron, Sausage, Plantain Patties, Arepas & More


We have a wide variety of desserts.

Our Bakery

Angel Azul Bakery is filled with angel statues and we include an angel in our logo.  The Name ‘Angel Azul’ was chosen by our Mother Zoily and it is reflective of the archangel Michael and the blue angel light ray.

The parents got married when they were  quite young.  Mom (Zoily) was sixteen and Dad was 27 years old.

Zoily says, “When we left Ecuador we left everything behind, we had a big house and the children went to private school …  [Here] we now lived in a one room studio apartment and the children went to public school.

My Brother-in-law was an American citizen and he sponsored us and put all the paperwork in.

My husband [and I] worked very hard … I thank God that we’ve been able to fulfill the American dream.”

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